Proxicast PocketPORT 2 Next to a Standard Paperclip
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Proxicast PocketPORT 2 Next to a Standard PaperclipProxicast PocketPORT 2 Ethernet & USB SidesProxicast PocketPORT 2 with an Ethernet JackProxicast PocketPORT 2 with a Sierra 308 3G/4G USB Cellular ModemProxicast PocketPORT2 with Various 3G/4G USB Cellular ModemsProxicast PocketPORT 2 Top ViewProxicast PocketPORT 2 Side ViewProxicast PocketPORT 2 Back ViewProxicast PocketPORT 2 Fits in Pants PocketProxicast PocketPORT 2 with Verizon Pantech UML290 3G/4G USB Cellular ModemProxicast PocketPORT 2 with AT&T Sierra 313U 3G/4G USB Cellular ModemProxicast PocketPORT 2  Power Supply & CableProxicast PocketPORT 2 Power Supply Close-UpProxicast PocketPORT 2  International Power ProngsProxicast PocketPORT 2 Longer 11mm Locking USB Tip (Left) Compared to a Regular 6mm TipProxicast PocketPORT 2  Compared to the Original Proxicast PocketPORT 3G/4G USB Cellular RouterPocketPORT 2 User InterfacePocketPORT 2 Signal Strength History Graph

Proxicast PocketPORT 2: Pocket-Sized 3G/4G/LTE USB Cellular Modem Bridge (Mini Router)

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The ultra-small Proxicast PocketPORT 2 3G/4G/LTE Cellular Modem Bridge supports all major modem standards including 4G LTE,  4G HSPA+, 3G EVDO and 3G HSPA.  The PocketPORT 2 can function as a 3G Modem, 4G Modem, LTE Modem, 3G Router, 4G Router and LTE Router.

PocketPORT 2 is the World’s Smallest 3G/4G/LTE USB Cellular Modem to Ethernet Bridge/Router

The PocketPORT 2 is the world’s smallest 3G/4G USB Cellular Modem Bridge which can function as a 3G/4G modem or mini 3G/4G router. The PocketPORT 2 instantly connects virtually any cellular 3G/4G (LTE, HSPA+) USB modem to any Ethernet device simply by plugging both devices into the PocketPORT 2. The PocketPORT 2 is the highly portable, simple and low-cost alternative to large, complex and expensive cellular Ethernet modems. It also has some the functions of more expensive cellular routers.


Use a 3G/4G enabled PocketPORT 2 wherever wired Internet service is unavailable, difficult, costly or time-consuming to install. Plug a PocketPORT 2 into the Ethernet port of devices such as IP cameras (web cams) for security applications, programmable logic controllers (PLC) for industrial processes, digital & network video recorders (DVR/NVR) or any other equipment that needs Internet service for remote access. Have field service technicians keep a PocketPORT 2 in their “pocket” for instant 3G/4G Internet access for remote equipment when they are on site visits.


The PocketPORT 2 can also create a fully encrypted "virtual cable" VPN link between two Ethernet devices over the Internet, using standard 3G/4G cellular USB modems. The PocketPORT 2 contains a powerful VPN controller that is capable of establishing transparent peer-to-peer connections from behind firewalls. It acts just like a very long virtual Ethernet cable.  Virtual cable mode can be configured either as point-to-point or point-to-multi-point connections.


3 Modes of Operation

  1. Bridge Mode - plug a USB modem into any Ethernet port
  2. Router Mode - provide an Internet connection to an existing network
  3. Virtual Cable - create a secure Ethernet connection between any Internet connected devices

Read more in the    PocketPORT 2 User's Guide      


Standard Included Items

 USB Modems, external antennas, and antenna pigtails sold separately from Proxicast US store.


Mobile Applications
Sales & Service Fleets
Commercial Transportation
Mobile Router For Cars, Buses & Limos
Delivery & Courier Vehicles
Recreational Vehicles
Boats & Marine Vessels

Low Altitude Aviation
Police, Fire & Emergency Vehicles
Mobile Security & Surveillance
Public Transit

Military & Defense Applications

Stationary Applications
Remote Monitoring, Telemetry, SCADA, AMR
Remote Control of PLCs and Industrial Controls

Cash Registers & Credit Card Processing
Video Surveillance, Webcams & Security
Construction Site Monitoring & Solar Power

Tradeshow Internet Access
Vending, Point-of-Sale (POS) & ATM Machines
Backup For Wired Internet and Alarm Connections

Traffic Monitoring & Control
Digital Signage, Electronic Billboards & Signs
Homeland Security & Disaster Recovery

Part Number: PP-002